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COVID-19: Will it define us?

The COVID19 humanitarian crisis should always ensure our focus and compassion is with our fellow human beings who have suffered terrible loss in such a short period of time, and this is rightly so. There is, however, another ‘victim’ of this pandemic, our economy. Our...

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Business Diagnostic

Take a Step Back! While there is no substitute for great, hands-on Executive management in any business, there is an argument to say that sometimes you can just get too close, become too involved in the day-to-day and not have time, or inclination, to step back and...

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Cherry-picking trusted advisors

With such scrutiny over consulting firms and conflicts of interest between audit and non-audit services, how does an organisation ensure it gets best value from a variety of providers? ​Many organisations find managing multiple consultancies complex and expensive....

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The Black Hole

Confronting bad news is part of the job for any self-respecting C-Suite Executive. As consultants, we are often called upon when bad news breaks because, as independent professionals whose role exclusively is complex problem definition and solving for clients, we...

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