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Beyond Carrots

An acute lesson in subconscious body language, a mirror was held up to me like I’d never experienced before during the summer of 2014. As part of an equine assisted leadership development training course, I was introduced to my horse Merlin. Knowing little about what...

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Cherry-picking trusted advisors

With such scrutiny over consulting firms and conflicts of interest between audit and non-audit services, how does an organisation ensure it gets best value from a variety of providers? ​Many organisations find managing multiple consultancies complex and expensive....

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The Black Hole

Confronting bad news is part of the job for any self-respecting C-Suite Executive. As consultants, we are often called upon when bad news breaks because, as independent professionals whose role exclusively is complex problem definition and solving for clients, we...

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Preparing for Lift Off!

Organic growth can slowly prepare companies to take advantage of market opportunities in a measured and sustained manner. But what do you do when you need to prepare for rapid scale up that will attract new investors and opportunities. Aligning people to strategy is...

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Time to say goodbye: when cultures change

Organisational change can occur through a series of events - a significant downturn in sales, a merger, a restructure to reflect new leadership and competitive strategy. But perhaps the most uncomfortable organisational change is when it happens very slowly,...

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